What does KOL Token stand for and what is it?

KOL Token is sponsored by KOL Tech Limited BVI. The KOL Token is linked to a successful business called Robin8SEARCH and the Robin8APP.

Who is Robin8 Inc?

Robin8 is a KOL and digital asset marketplace where anyone can upload their digital assets on the blockchain and sell it.

Robin8 is about empowering everyone with their data on the blockchain whether it be songs, articles, photographs, videos, training courses, and much more, and provides an easy way to monetize digital assets.

Secondarily, Robin8 has the largest KOL search engine in China, which is being expanded globally right now. Our AI-empowered influencer marketing platform helps brands find, analyze, buy, and connect with KOLs.

In addition, the Robin8 App is a content amplification tool where brands upload content and KOLs and other users share content from the app on social media – and get paid for clicks they generate (reverse advertising).

Do you have an existing, profitable profit or service or is this a brand new business?

For the last 2+ years we have invested millions of dollars and countless development hours to build solutions that we have ready right now. In fact, Robin8DATA and Robin8SEARCH are both profitable and have several Fortune 500 clients.

Our AI Big Data APIs are currently being sold and we have built a blockchain and social media marketplace called PMES – the framework for which we will build Blockchain-D on (data trading platform – anonymous to protect individuals’ privacy).

What is your roadmap?

Please go here: http://www.koltoken.io/roadmap.

How many total KOL Token tokens?

1,000,000,000 – total token.

How many available to buy during KOL Token Sale?

200,000,000 KOL Tokens available to buy.

Is there early bird pricing?

Yes, pre-sale will start at .01 and end at .10 – see TOKEN ECONOMICS for more details.

Where are you located?

We have offices in New York, New York (USA) and we also have offices in Shanghai, China and Kiev, Ukraine.

Who can buy KOL Token? Is there a minimum buy in amount?

Anyone in eligible countries can buy KOL Token starting at $100.

Who is eligible?

Citizens and residents of Mainland China, Singapore, North Korea, Iran, and the United States are NOT allowed to participate in the Public Stage of the KOL Token distribution. Restrictions may apply for citizens and residents of other countries. Check with your local authorities.

What forms of payment do you accept to buy KOL Token?


Where do I buy KOL Token?

Click the Buy KOL TOKEN button to start the process.

How can I participate in the pre-sale?

To participate in the pre-sale you must complete and pass the KYC accreditation. To do this, please click the “Buy KOL Token” tab and complete the form. If you have any technical issues please reach out to us via info@robin8.com and we will assist you immediately. After your accreditation is approved, you will sign the agreement online via our virtual easy-sign system.

How will the Foundation store KOL Token?

The Foundation will use the standard ETH multi-signature wallet.

Do you have a Whitepaper?

Yes, http://www.koltoken.io/whitepaper.

Can we meet in person?

Yes, we visit multiple countries for meet-ups and blockchain conferences. Currently we are in Hong Kong and traveling to Vietnam next. Please subscribe to the Robin8 newsletter to get updates on our roadshows. https://robin8.com/newsletter/

Why should I buy KOL Token? What is projected valuation based on revenue?

Influencer Marketing is projected to be a $5 – $10 billion USD industry within the next 5 years. Profiling is the future and the paradigm shift in how companies advertise is creating a world where anyone can be an influencer – not just the rich and famous. The KOL Token is the most powerful investment in the influencer marketing industry where KOLs can create their own “personal currency” to better monetize their influence, easily raise money for projects and charities, and give special rewards and incentives to fans who buy the tokens. Currently there is no exchange that offers KOL tokens and Robin8 is changing this. Today’s advertising world needs this and this is a big opportunity.

When you buy KOL Token, you are aligning yourself with a company that will shape the future of blockchain + influencer marketing.

Robin8 already has three ready products and is already profitable working with several Fortune 500 companies. We are ready for global expansion and through the KOL Token we will take our blockchain and KOL search technologies to Vietnam, Thailand, United States, and more.

How will the KOL Token be stored?

Proceeds will be used to both cover operations of the token issuance (15%) and for software development and market development of the business model (85%).

Allocation will commence in the following areas:

1. Operational Costs at 15%: To fund KOL Token legal, security, financial, accounting and other general and administrative costs. In order to mitigate expenses in Robin8 Inc, all costs in this area will be carried by the token issuing entity, not Robin8 Inc.
2. Software Development at 35%: To hire and sustain a world-class team of product managers, user experience designers, engineers and data scientists. This will enable the rollout of the ROBIN8DATA solution, including the necessary adjustments to, and development of, the existing Robin8DATA API platform. These costs will be incurred by Robin8, Inc.
3. Market Development at 50%: To promote adoption of the ROBIN8DATA and the KOL Token solution among borrowers, lenders, publishers, advertisers and investors. This includes the growth and maintenance of the world-wide Robin8DATA community. These costs will be incurred by Robin8, Inc.

Are you seeking banking, financial, and advisory partners?

Robin8 has a network of bankers, advisors and other partners. We are always looking to expand our network to include like-minded businesses and professionals. Email Miranda Tan at mtan@robin8.com for all partnership inquiries.

Are KOL Tokens transferable?

KOL Token sold at the crowd sale are immediately transferable. KOL Token may also be used to buy Robin8 Services.

What is the price of KOL Token?

The price of KOL Token is based on USD. The exchange rate w/ crypto will be updated daily.

Are you a Chinese company?

No, Robin8 Inc. is a US company. KOL Token is offered by KOL Tech Limited BVI which is a subsidiary of Robin8 Foundation based in Singapore.