Changing the Face of Advertising

Influencer Marketing

The advertising space has changed drastically. Brands are turning to KOLs to engage with and reach more people within a target audience using the power of influence and word-of-mouth marketing, an element that that traditional advertising mediums lack.

Robin8 is a blockchain locker and an AI-empowered KOL platform and app. The Robin8 KOL platform and app offers a new advertising channel focused on people as media. The KOL app connects KOLs with brands. The Robin8Search is a KOL search engine and command center that helps brands find, recommend and connect to KOLs.

Currently, advertisers face multiple challenges in finding the right KOLs for their campaign.  The process of finding and trying to contact KOLs one by one is very time consuming and ineffective (big KOLs and influencer celebrities are usually difficult to reach).  Also another major crisis that the world is facing is the issue of data ownership.  Everyday, KOLs and consumers like you and me, use third party platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Weibo, Wechat where we share all our personal information about our family, friends and things that we are passionate about and yet we don’t have any control or protection of our data. 
Robin8 is all about empowering the KOL and every day people to take control of their IP and digital asset and monetizing their influence.  Robin8 solves these problems with Bloqbox and Robin8 Search and app.   With social media, everyone is a KOL and has a voice.  The Robin8 KOL app allows KOLs  and everyday people to connect directly with advertisers and take campaigns.  Robin8search, the AI-empowered KOL platform, recommends the best KOLs for brands.  Robin8Search connect brands directly with KOLs and consumers and provides end-to-end performance attribution and real time campaign tracking.  And with Bloqbox API, companies and organizations can integrate the Bloqbox technology via API and allow their users to upload their IP onto the blockchain and provide the keys to them so the user  can now control their IP.

Huge Market Opportunity

¥52 Billion in China​ Alone

  • In China, despite a general economic slowdown the internet sector shows no signs of abating.
  • Digital ad spend reached $40.42 billion in 2016 — a 30% increase from previous year, which is expected to more than double by 2020
  • 88.9% of China’s 721 million Internet users are on mobile
  • 69.7% of mobile users used multi-functional social networking apps in 2015, only second to instant messaging social app
  • There are 549 million social app users in China.* All of them have the potential to become an Influencer, hit (long-tail) or niche (short-tail)! They will be able to realize, manage, and monetize their influence.