Why KOL Token?

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Why KOL Token?

Robin8 is building a new exchange to deal with the issues of first generation exchanges and take advantage of the full potential of cryptocurrencies. The Exchange will support the creation and support of new cryptocurrencies at scale. It will also focus on creating a platform that will simplify making a new token (cryptocurrency) valuable.

This includes integrated news feeds that can assist crypto buyers in making knowledgeable and timely decisions on buying and selling. It will also address one of the biggest sources of news for most people: Social Media.

Just as theRobin8 Profile Utility Token (the PUT) seeks to give control of profiles back to the owners, Robin8Xwill introduce the KOL Token to interact with Blockchain technology to filter exchange news based on integrity and transparency.

Robin8X will be the first to include integrated news and data feeds to improve customer value. Most importantly, Robin8X will integrate the ability for any person, brand or media outlet to access the full power of Blockchain and cryptocurrency. The obstacles to wider adoption will be removed and the latent power of cryptocurrencies will be unleashed!